Feds To Cut All US TV/Radio Broadcasts

October 26, 2011
By The Architect

We all suspect that the Federal Government has huge power when it comes to controlling civillian infrastructure during emergencies. A first realĀ  glimpse of this power will be possible on November 9th.

On that day, federal authorities are going to shut off all television and radio communications simultaneously at 2:00PM EST to complete the first ever test of the national Emergency Alert System (EAS).That’s right! ALL TV and radio broadcasts in the US will be shut down by Federal diktat.

For more information about the test or access to the participant reporting system, please click here.

Is this anything of real concern? Not in itself, the hapless masses that still watch the mindless dirge that passes for TV entertainment might find themselves at a loose end for a time, at worst. What might be of more concern is the stark reality of state media control during an emergency.


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